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Vintage Shave Razor, Vintage Gillette Safety Razor, Valet AutoStrop Razor, Vintage Rolls Razor, Vintage Barbershop Decor , Fathers Day Gift

Lucys Vintage Gifts

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Choice of some very cool vintage personal shave items! These are very old and the pictures are part of the description. Each item is sold separately.
These items have been loved and used and should be taken into consideration when purchasing . Please message me with any questions.

A. Vintage Gillette Travel Razor, circa 1920s, case cover is separate as it became torn off. There is age to this set
B. Rolls Razor Imperial No 2 Made in England with box circa 1950s , well loved with age
C. Valet Safety Razor in Gold circa 1930s
D. Valet Auto Strop Brass Safety Razor in Box , circa 1920s
E. Valet Auto Strop Silver Safety Razor in Box, circa 1920s
F. Valet Auto Strop Razor in tan case , circa 1920s

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Please see Shopping Details regarding shipping and returns. All items are vintage which means they were previously loved . Signs of wear will be noted in the description and pictures. Pictures and videos are part of the condition of the item as well.

**No props used in the listing are included **